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Hälsingland's gems

Imagine enjoying a day at a World Heritage decorated farmhouse, or indulging in a luxurious day in the archipelago with full service? Taking a hike in the deep Hälsingland forests or simply settling down in a fantastic environment for a Swedish Fika or a crispy waffle with ice cream!
We have handpicked some of the very best places for you!

Swedish Fika at the old Town Hall Café

Rådhuskonditoriet, Rådis Kafé

A venerable cultural café in central Söderhamn. Here, you'll find homemade delights from the old bakery in the basement, where bread and pastries are baked using as many local ingredients as possible.

Daily lunch specials, salads, and plenty of gluten-free, lactose-free options, and more.

The art is local and changes the fifteenth every month. 

World Heritage and garden café

Världsarvsgården Erik-Anders

This world Heritage Decorated Farmhouse of Hälsingland is restored and equipped with 5 Hotel Rooms, Gift Shop, Garden Café, and the  Museum. In 2024, the farm celebrates its 200th anniversary with exhibitions and activities during the summer. Open for groups and conference bookings in spring and autumn.

Ice cream in Skärså Fisherman´s village

Glasstantens lanthandel

Crispy waffles with homemade jam, Swedish ice cream, and a charming country store stocked with all the essentials for a sailor's breakfast if you arrive by sea. You also find the small gift-shop.

A little oasis that helps the fishing village of Skärså thrive!

Outdoor chef

Outdoor cooking

"If you're hungry, you should eat," says Per as he takes us on delightful adventures with luxurious outdoor cooking.

Explore the archipelago of Söderhamn or the deep forests and bring the chef along for a delicious and satisfying experience.

Conferences and groups

24-hour conferences in the Söderhamn archipelago with a private chef.

Are you a group of 8-25 people who want to conference undisturbed with an open horizon and fresh air outside the window? On the islands of Söderhamn Archipelago, there are several options available for larger groups, and with us, you have 24 hours of full service. 

Breathe and savour

Slow walks with a local

Would you like a slow hike with local company while also learning to work with nature on an inner journey?

Malin Åhman from 2Happyhearts is your companion. She has written two books about the inner journey on pilgrimage walks.

Who are we?

After many years with Per as a tai chi instructor and Malin as his student, life decided it was time to evolve. Malin had just sold a company and was headed for a month on a farm in Hawaii, while Per dreamed of starting his own venture. On a lovely day during the Söderhamn Pride Festival, their friendship blossomed into something more.

Malin still went to Hawaii, worked on the farm, and started writing novels. By winter, they established their first business, Kafé Rådis. It became the foundation for what was to come next.

As a former sea scout, Per longed for the sea and nature, and Savour Outdoor, a sister venture, was launched before the summer.

After another year, the opportunity arose to take over an ice cream kiosk in the delightful fishing village of Skärså. Fortunately, the right person appeared just in time, so they dared to say yes.

The growth continued, and in spring 2023, they had the honor of stepping into the World Heritage Decorated Farmhouse, Erik-Anders, to run the garden café. With fantastic employees and a positive attitude, they have succeeded in realizing dream after dream!

Per Elmefors

CEO and chef who loves delving into new knowledge. Warm-hearted enthusiast who says yes to whatever that brings joyful days.

Tel: +46 70-291 94 94

Photo. FridMedia

Malin Åhman

Entrepreneur and life savourer who adores fun ideas, beautiful environments, and things that give life meaning.

Tel: +46 70-525 14 55

Photo. FridMedia